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Full text of "Prospectus of the Ontario College of Art: 1941-1942"

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Prospectus of the 

Ontario College 
of Art 



Ontario College 
of Art 

1941 -^1942 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

The Ontario College of Art & Design - University of Toronto Libraries 


Ontario College of Art 

Wing Commander F. H. Marani, A.R.C.A., M.R.A.I.C. 


Fred H. Brigdf.n, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

H.J. Fairhead 
Honorary Treasurer 

Fred S. Hainf.s, P.R.C.A., O.S.A. 


Members Appointed by The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council 

William Alexander Professor C. T. Currelly, M.A.. LL.D.. F.R.S.C. 

V. K. Greer, M.A. Kenneth K. Forbes, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Annette Marsh E. A. Hardy, D.Paed., O.B.E. 

H. S. Palmer. R.C.A., O.S.A. F. S. Rutherford, B.A.Sc. 

G. F. Rogers, B.A., LL.D. Owen P. Staples, O.S.A. 

J. E. Sampson, A.R.C.A. J. F. M. Stewart, B.A. 


Members Appointed by Art Societies and Other Bodies 

John Bird 

Toronto District Labour Council 

Fred H. Brigden, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Ontario Society of Artists 

H. J. Fairhead 

Toronto Camera Club 

Chas. Goldhamer, O.S.A. 

Society of Graphic Arts 

Martin Baldwin, B.A.Sc. 
Art Gallery of Toronto 

Wing Commander F. H. Marani, A.R.C.A., M.R.A.I.C. 

Ontario Association of Architects 

Professor E.J. G. Alford. M.A. 
University of Toronto 

Melville P. White 

Canadian Manufacturers' Association 

Fred S. Haines, P.R.C.A., O.S.A. 

-»>[ 3 J«<- 

Ontario College of Art 

The Ontario College of Art 
(formerly the Central Ontario School 
of Art and Industrial Design, which was 
founded in 1876) was incorporated by 
Act of the Provincial Parliament in 1912. 
It occupied quarters in various buildings 
until 1921 when the Ontario Govern- 
ment built the present building on land 
in Grange Park donated by the Art 
Gallery of Toronto. 

The Government of the College is 
entrusted to a Council of twenty-five 
members, thirteen of whom are appointed 
by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council, 
and twelve by various Provincial organ- 
izations interested in art. 

The function of the College is the 
education of the artist. The student is 
taught to appreciate the best that has 

been done in the various Fine Art and 
Artistic Crafts, and to develop the mental 
attitude and technical skill which makes 
both the creation and the expression of 
beauty a source of enjoyment. 

Although the student body consists 
of varied groups, those studying art for 
its cultural value, those proposing to 
teach, and those anticipating professional 
work, the College believes that the train- 
ing of the professional is best suited to 
all, maintaining that the powers of analysis 
and appreciation are developed to a 
greater extent through creative work than 
in any other way. 

The various courses are designed to 
equip the student to take his place in 
the economic world. 

->»[ 5 ]«& 

General Information 

The Value of the Ontario College of 
Art training is becoming more widely 
appreciated. Students from all parts of 
the Dominion, the United States and 
various countries, were enrolled last year. 
It is necessary, therefore, to apply for 
admittance as early as possible. Early 
registration is also advisable, as it is 
essential to the full success of the course 
that studies should commence with the 
opening of the classes. 

Day Classes. Day classes for the general 
session are open to men and women 
students over sixteen years of age. In- 
tending students are required to give 
particulars of their age, school education, 
previous training in art study, and to 
present satisfactory evidence of their 
interest and ability. When completing 
registration at the College, students must 
also show a few general examples of 
work done by them. 

Evening Classes. Students entering 
Evening Classes who have had art train- 
ing elsewhere must submit work for 
examination when applying for admis- 
sion. Students who have had no previous 
training must register for First Year work, 
and all evening students are required to 
pay the full fees for the year in advance. 

Professional Artists' Class. Archibald 
Barnes, R.C.A., O.S.A.. conducts a 
portrait class on Saturday afternoons for 
professional artists. For this class the 
fee is $20.00 per year. 

Special Pottery Classes. Instruction 
is given to non-students in special pottery 
classes two afternoons or two evenings 
per week. The fee for the afternoon 
class is $20.00 and for the evening class 
$15.00 per year. 

Diploma and Post-Graduate Courses. 
Post-Graduate Courses are each free 
studentship courses. The course must 
be taken in the year immediately follow- 
ing the student's Fourth Year or gradua- 
tion, and the student must have a definite 
course of work agreed upon by the 
principal. This period of study is con- 
sidered by the College to be mainly one 
of practical effort on the part of the 
student to enter professional life, and the 
College offers facilities to the student to 
improve along the lines chosen. The 
necessity to further develop technical 
ability and add to the knowledge gained, 
with a view to fuller equipment for the 
life of the artist or teacher, is urged upon 
the graduate and work is arranged for 
that purpose. 

A Class for Juniors. Free tuition is 
given to selected students from Second- 
ary Schools on Saturday mornings 
throughout the college year. 

Lectures are given on the History of 
Art, Anatomy, Architecture, Design, and 
the Technique of Painting. 

->»[ 6 ]«< 

General Information 

The College Library. This contains a 
valuable collection of att books and 
periodicals available for study and refer- 
ence, and has recently been greatly in- 
creased by a donation of books from the 
library of the late Robert Holmes, R.C.A. 
Among the periodicals are: Mobilier 
et Decoration, Canadian Homes and 
Gardens, School Arts, Chatelaine, Pencil 
Points, The Artist. Commercial Art. 
and Studio. 

Royal Ontario Museum. Students are 
also given full privileges of study in the 
Royal Ontario Museum with its wealth 
of art objects and natural history. Its 
collections of classical art, and the art 
of China and early times, are of inestim- 
able value to art students. Systematic 
study is arranged for classes with a view 
to establishing a high standard of appre- 
ciation and experience of various forms 
of art, and at the same time to utilize the 
study material in the carrying out of 
original projects of design. Taste through 
simplicity is stressed as well as invention 
through knowledge. 

ment of the student social life within the 
College. It undertakes the supervision 
and upkeep of the students' common 
room, and arranges all social affairs, 
dances, student exhibitions, theatrical 
entertainments, etc. A programme of 
speakers for the weekly students' supper 
is also planned by the executive of the 
Club. A notable and artistic annual 
event is the College Masquerade Ball 
which is carried out by the students. The 
ball room is decorated and costumes de- 
signed in the styles of a chosen period: 
this work being done as class problems 
in design and colour, mural decoration 
and applied art. 

The Alumni Association is an organ- 
ization of graduates, membership in 
which is open to any graduate of the 
College. A limited number of men 
students of the College may join Hart 
House, University of Toronto, by personal 
arrangement with the warden of Hart 

The Art Gallery of Toronto, which 
is next door to the College, offers great 
opportunities to the student for study. 
There is a fine permanent collection of 
pictures and sculpture, a large library, 
frequent lectures and many temporary 
exhibitions during the season. Admission 
to all is free to the student 

The O.C.A. Students' Club. This is a 
student organization for the develop- 

Cafeteria and Common Room A 
cafeteria is operated by the College where 
students may obtain lunch and refresh- 
ments at moderate prices. The cafeteria 
is open every day in the week. It is in 
close connection with the students' 
common room which is under the 
management of the Students' Club 
and has been furnished and maintained 
by them. A list of approved boarding 
and rooming houses is obtainable at the 
office. The price of board and room 
ranges from $6.00 to $10.00 per week. 

->»[ 7 ]«<- 

Examinations and Awards 

npHE College conducts examinations 
•*- at the end of each school year for 
the purpose of awarding diplomas of 
Associateship of the College, scholarships 
and prizes arranged for and posted in the 
College for competition, and certificates. 
These are regulated as follows: 


The Governor-General's Medal is 
awarded each year for general proficiency 
in advanced work, and for highest stand- 
ing in one subject. The Lieutenant- 
Governor of Ontario also donates a medal 
for proficiency in any department. 


All Awards are made by judgment of 
the student's work done during the year, 

and through examinations, both prac- 
tical and written. 


Scholarships for free tuition in the 
College are awarded for First, Second 
and Third Year subjects. A scholarship is 
also awarded this year for entrance to 
the College from Secondary Schools. 


Diplomas of Associateship in the 
College, authorizing the use of the letters 
A.O.C.A. after the names of the holders, 
are awarded upon completion of a four- 
year course covering one or more of the 
four departments of the College, pro- 
vided the student has passed all the neces- 
sary examinations and that a satisfactory 
standard of quality has been achieved. 

«^[ 8]4^- 

First Year 

HeadofDept.: YVONNE McKAGUE, O.S.A. 

This Department is planned to give 
a normal training in elementary art 
practice and to develop a general appre- 
ciation of art. Sufficient time is given to 
each subject or branch to enable the 
student who passes the examination to 
choose in the Second Year a course fitted 
to the ability shown. 

For admission to examinations 75 
per cent, of the possible attendance is 
required, though this requirement may 
be suspended under certain conditions. 

Lettering and Design. Lettering and 
ornamental writing, illumination, posters 
and book covers. 

Design, geometric pattern, historic 
ornament, and conventionalization. 

Elementary Modelling and Casting 

(see Department of Sculpture). 


Drawing of objects, plants, flowers, 
birds, animals, and sketching the draped 
human figure (a) with pure line, (b) with 
expressive line, (c) with line, tone and 
mass, (d) memory drawing. 

Practical Elementary Perspective; 
sketching from actual buildings or in- 
teriors, and other suitable examples. 

Water Colour in black and white and 

full colour, from objects used in the 

study of drawing. 


Illustration, graphic and decorative, 
in pen and ink and various mediums. 

Museum Study in black and white and 
colour, of natural history and historic 


Colour and Composition. 

Pottery. Elementary design on round 
and flat clay objects. 

Choice of Courses by Students. 
Students who have gained a First Year 
pass, or who are satisfactorily qualified 
through previous training are allowed to 
choose their own course in the Second 
Year. They have the opportunity to 
specialize in work suited to their abilities, 
and advice is given them on this point, 
based on the character of their work and 
in accordance with their individual needs. 
Four courses are open to the student 
(1) Drawing and Painting; (2) Sculpture 

(3) Interior Decoration and Applied Art 

(4) Graphic and Commercial Art. A 
time table is given to Second Year 
students according to their choice, and 
this must be observed (see rule 7, Page 26). 

Associated Instructors: 

Frank Carmichael, R.C.A.. O.S.A. 

Emanuel Hahn, R.C.A., S.S.C. 

Gustav Hahn, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

John Alfsen, O.S.A. 

Cameron B.F.A. 

•*»[ 9 \¥&> 

1 "H m^^iI El Hi 11 

■ * * ^B 4» ■ """^x » 

p HI HP' *^nHVflHBHVH |S# 

' ■ A * H 
' ' V ^8 Bit 

1 /^Ikfl '^ V* 1 

JK |aJ: kf* 

Drawing and Painting 

HeadofDept.:}. W. BEATJX R.C.A. 

The Standard required for admission 
to the Drawing and Painting De- 
partment is a First Year pass in the 
Elementary Department, or its equivalent 
in work done elsewhere. 

Second Year. Drawing from casts of 
Antique Sculpture. Life Drawing. Still 
Life Painting. Design as related to 
Pictorial Composition. Anatomy, Part 1. 
History of Art. 

of Pictorial Arrangement for Pictures, 
Mural Decoration and kindred uses. 

A Class in Portraiture is conducted 
every Friday afternoon under the direc- 
tion of Archibald Barnes, R.C.A. , O.S.A. 
Third and Fourth Year Drawing and 
Painting students have the privilege of 
attending this class. 

Third Year. Life Drawing, Painting 
Costume and Still Life, Design as related 
to Pictorial Composition. Anatomy, 
Part 2. History of Art. 

Fourth Year. Life, Costume and Still 
Life Painting, Design and Composition 

Associated Instructors: 

Archibald Barnes, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Fred S. Haines, P.R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Frank Carmichael, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Emanuel Hahn, R.C.A., S.S.C. 

Rowley Murphy. O.S.A. 

Yvonne McKague, O.S.A. 

George Pepper. O.S.A. 

Tohn Alfsen, O.S.A. 

-»>[ 10 ]«<- 

Commercial and Graphic Art 

Head of Dept.: FRANK CARMICHAEL, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Second Year. Each project is pre- 
pared with the idea of applying, 
enlarging and relating design principles 
to commercial advertising and graphic art. 

Third Year. The projects are prepared 
in such a way that the student is gradually 
made familiar with the more difficult 
commercial art problems, not only in 
their advertising values but also for their 
successful reproduction by the various 
mechanical processes. 

A definite effort is made to encourage 
the student to make use of his work in 
other departments, viz. , illustration, draw- 
ing and painting from life, costume, and 
still life. 

Fourth Year. Projects are planned so 
that the student is given every oppor- 
tunity to explore all the possibilities of 
the particular branch on which he may 
wish to concentrate. 

From Second Year to Fourth Year, 
every effort is made to equip the student 
with a practical and sound knowledge, 
not only of the art and design require- 
ments of commercial and graphic art, 
but also of the mechanical and adver- 
tising requirements. 

Associate;/ Instructors: 

Rowley Murphy. O.S.A. 

George Pepper, O.S.A. 

John Alfsen. O.S.A. 

Eric Aldwinckle 

-»»r n ]h& 

Interior Decoration 

Head of Dept.: GUSTAV HAHN, R.C.A.. O.S.A 

The Training in this course gives the 
student the power to collaborate 
with the architect, to make drawings, 
including sections and full-sized details 
necessary in the execution of an interior. 
It also gives them a classical basis on 
which to create in the modern manner. 

Second Year. The student is trained in 
the fundamentals of architecture and of 
furniture design, as well as in form and 
colour as they relate to the composition 
and decoration of the room. The course 
presents a sequence of problems includ- 
ing elevations of rooms of many kinds, 
the designing of floor plans, and the 
design and arrangements of furniture 
and decorative accessories. Both floor 
plans and elevations are used. General 
and museum research is followed to 
build the students' equipment. 


Third Year. The Third Year begins 
the study of the historic styles, with 

their adaptations and original modern 
designs. This course is concerned with 
the completed room, covering every 
detail, architectural, decorative and 
furnishing. Each student is required to 
do careful personal research work. 


Fourth Year. The same method as that 
of the Third Year is followed in research, 
adaptation and invention. The remainder 
of Fourth Year is given to a series of 
problems, creating modern rooms, in 
which not only the architectural back- 
ground but also the furniture and decora- 
tive accessories are specifically designed. 
Lectures in and the study of materials, 
cabinet making, upholstery, curtains, 
floor coverings, painted surfaces and all 
the various trades covered in the pro- 
fession develop the practical. 

Associated Instructors: 

Frank Carmichael, R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Rowley Murphy, O.S.A. 

George Pepper, O.S.A. 

■»»[ 12]:«- 

Work by First Year Students 

-9»[ 13 ]«€- 

Drawling and Painting 

Commercial and Graphic Art 


Commercial and Graphic Art 

Interior Decoration 

Interior Decoration 

Drawing and Painting 


HeadofDept.: EMANUEL HAHN. R.C.A., S.S.C. 

HP he Work in this course is intended 
to develop in the student an appre- 
ciation of plastic form and the ability to 
express himself in the various mediums: 
clay, wood, pottery, marble and stone. 

Starting with the modelling of geo- 
metrical solids and their application to 
all natural forms, working from natural 
objects such as fruit and flowers, the 
student progresses to animals and the 
human form. From this experience he is 
encouraged to create portraits in relief 
and in the round, and to create sculptural 
compositions, designs for pottery and 

industrial sculpture and architectural 

In the First Year, instruction is given 
in simple plaster moulding to enable the 
student to cast his work, and for model- 
ling and casting for Pottery. 

In the Second Year, class lectures are 
given on various sculptural materials and 
treatments. Instruction is given in cast- 
ing in the more involved professes, waste 
and gelatine moulding, plaster piece 
moulding and sculptural sand moulding. 
Lectures with slides are given in History 
of Sculpture, Contemporary Sculptors 

id A 


•»»[ 20 ]«€• 


-*»! 21 \4& 

Mural Painting 

HeadofDept.: CHAS. F. COMFORT, A.R.C.A., O.S.A. 

HpHERE has appeared during the past 
-*- decade marked evidence of a revival 
of the ancient collaboration of Painting, 
Sculpture and Architecture. The most 
pronounced indication of this new align- 
ment is the growing public interest in 
Mural Painting as applied to public, 
domestic and commercial building. 
Sensible of these developments, the 
Ontario College of Art has, in common 
with many European and American 

Colleges, organized a Department of 
Mural Painting. It will be the objective 
of this department to provide instruction 
for qualified students in the historic back- 
ground of the subject, the theory of 
traditional methods, and their practical 
application under modern conditions, 
such as Oils on Canvas, True Fresco, 
Technical Paints on various surfaces, 
plaster, glass, metals, etc. 



Head of Dept.: CAMERON PAULIN, B.F.A. 

'""PHIS department enables the student 
to design and execute in clay such 
objects as vases, bowls, jars, plates, tiles, 
animals and small figures. 

In the First Year the student applies 
his designs to clay and learns such pro- 
cesses as sgraffito, carving, embossing, 
underglaze and overglaze decoration, slip 
work and majolica. 

Courses in mould making, casting, 
throwing, hand-building and glazing are 

Lectures on glaze formulae and batch 
computations, clay and glaze raw in- 
gredients, Firing and History of Ceramics 
accompany the work of the advanced 

Evening Courses 

7.30 to 9-30 p.m. 


Fred S. Haines, P.R.C.A., O.S.A. 
John Alfsen, O.S.A. 
F. S. Challener, R.C.A., O.S.A. 
Grace Coombs, O.S.A. 
Yvonne McKague, O.S.A. 

Rowley Murphy, O.S.A. 
George Pepper, O.S.A. 
Frank Carmichael, R.C.A., O.S.A. 
Emanuel Hahn, R.C.A., S.S.C. 
Chas. Comfort, A.R.C.A., O.S.A. 

Cameron Paulin, B.F.A. 

The Evening Courses of Study are pro- 
vided for two distinct groups; first for those 
who are unable to attend during the day, 
or for day students who require extra time 
for practice and instruction, and secondly, 
for those who wish to take up art as an 



Drawing and Painting Department. 
Two class rooms have been fitted with day- 
light lamps making it possible for students to 
paint as well as draw from Life and Still Life. 

Department of Sculpture. The same 
conditions of admission apply in the De- 
partment of Sculpture, though certain excep- 
tions are made for students wishing to study 
modelling in relation to Pottery and other 


Courses of Graphic and Commercial 
Art. Lettering, Book Covers, Book Decora- 
tions, Design and Drawing for Advertising, 
Posters, Newspapers and General Advertis- 
ing material. 

-»>[ 23 ]«€• 


Principal: FredS. Haines, P.R.C.A., O.S.A. 
— Studied Central Ontario School of Art and 
Industrial Design. L'Academie Royale Des 
Beaux Art de Anvers, under de Vriendt and 
Siebert. President of the Royal Canadian 
Academy and member of the Ontario Society 
of Artists. Honorary Member of the Society 
of Hungarian Painter-Etchers, member of 
Chicago Society of Etchers, Painter-Gravers 
of London, England. Represented in the 
National Gallery, Ottawa, Art Gallery of 
Toronto, Hart House, Public Collection, 
Sarnia, Saskatoon and in many public and 
private collections. 

Frank Carmichael, R.C.A., O.S.A. - 
Studied at the Central Ontario School of 
Art and Industrial Design and Toronto 
Technical School, L'Academie Royale Des 
Beaux Art de Anvers. President of Ontario 
Society of Artists, Member of Group of 
Canadian Painters and the Canadian Society 
of Painters in Water Colours. Member of the 
Royal Canadian Academy. Awarded Silver 
Medal, Sesquicentennial Exhibition, Phila- 
delphia. Represented in National Gallery, 
Ottawa, Vancouver Art Gallery, Toronto 
Art Gallery, Hart House, Toronto. 

John M. Alfsen, O.S.A. — Studied at the 
Ontario College of Art, Toronto. The 
Academie Royale Des Beaux Art de Anvers, 
Belgium and the Art Students' League under 
Henry Hayes Miller, New York City. Is 
represented in the National Gallery, Ottawa 
and the Arts Students' League Gallery, New 
York City. 

E. Grace Coombs, O.S.A. — Graduate of 
the Ontario College of Art, and studied at the 
New York School of Fine and Applied Arts. 
Has been head of Art Department, Havergal 
College and Edgehill College, Windsor. 
Nova Scotia. Represented in Hart House, 
University of Toronto, and many private 
collections. Member of Ontario Society 
of Artists. 

Archibald Barnes, R.C.A., O.S.A. — 

Studied at St. John's Wood and Royal 
Academy Schools, London, England. Member 
of Royal Canadian Academy and Ontario 
Society of Artists. Represented at Hull, 
Huddersfield, Oldham, Manchester, Van- 
couver and Toronto. 

Emanuel Hahn, R.C.A., S.S.C.— Studied 
at the Central Ontario School of Art and 
Industrial Design, School of Applied Art, 
Polytechnikum and Academy of Stuttgart, 
Germany. Represented by work in the 
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Art 
Gallery of Toronto. Erected Adam Beck and 
Hanlan Memorial in Toronto, and others. 

J. W. Beatty, R.C. A. —Studied in Toronto 
at the Central Ontario School of Art and 
Industrial Design, studied in Paris at the 
Julien Academy under Jean Paul Laurens, 
attended classes at The Collorosi, The Dela- 
cluse Academy, and at The South Western 
Polytechnic, London, England, under E. 
Borough Johnston. Travelled extensively 
studying through France, Spain, Italy, Bel- 
gium and Holland. Served as Official Artist, 
Canadian War Records, England and France, 
1918. Represented in the National Gallery, 
Ottawa, Ont. Provincial collection, The 
Neutana Institute, Saskatoon, Sask. and many 
civic collections throughout Canada. 

Gustav Hahn, R.C. A., O.S.A.— Graduated 
from Royal Wurtemberg School of Art and 
Design, Stuttgart, Germany. Studied in 
Munich and Italy. Instructor in Modelling 
and Design in the Central Ontario School of 
Art and Industrial Design and later in Design 
at the Toronto Technical School. Interior 
Decoration and Murals in the .Provincial 
Legislative Chamber, Toronto, and Council 
Chamber, Toronto City Hall, and in numer- 
ous churches and houses in Toronto and 
the Province. Exhibited at the World's 
Fair, Chicago. 

•»»[ 24]*& 


Yvonne McKague, O.S. A. — Graduate of 
the Ontario College of Art. Studied in Paris 
at the Grande Chaumiere, under Lucien 
Simon Prenet, and at the Academie Ranson, 
under Maurice Denis. In Vienna, took 
summer course in teaching art to children 
under Cisek and Groel. Member of the 
Ontario Society of Artists and the Canadian 
Group of Painters. Represented in the 
National Gallery, Ottawa, Hart House and 
Victoria College. 

Frederick S. Challener, R.C.A., O.S. A. 
Studied at the Central Ontario School of 
Art and Industrial Design. Represented in 
the National Gallery, Ottawa. Canadian 
War Memorials, and Mural Decorations in 
Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, 
Winnipeg and Edmonton. Medals at Pan 
American Exposition, Buffalo and Louisiana 
Purchase Exposition, St. Louis. 

Rowley W. Murphy, O.S. A. — Studied at 
the Central Ontario School of Art and In- 
dustrial Design, Pennsylvania Academy of 
Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Obtained the Cres- 
son European Scholarship, Pennsylvania Aca- 
demy of Fine Arts, 1913 and 1914. Toppan 
Prize for landscape P.A.F.A., 1914. Won 
Mural Decoration Competition P.A.F.A., 
1914. Won Lea Prize for Figure Drawing in 
U.S.A. Competition. Designed and executed 
many Stained Glass Windows, Bryn Athyn 
Cathedral, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. Repre- 
sented in the collection of the Pennsylvania 
Academy of Fine Art, Exhibited New York, 
Philadelphia, Washington, Boston. War 
Records Paintings at Sea with Royal Cana- 
dian Navy, 1940. 

Charles Fraser Comfort, A.R.C. A., O.S. A. 
Studied Winnipeg School of Art, and Art 
Students' League, New York. Associate, 
Royal Canadian Academy. Member, Ontario 
Society of Artists. Secretary, Canadian Group 
of Painters. Vice-President, Canadian Society 
of Painters in Water Colour. Honorary 
Member, Manitoba Society of Artists. Repre- 
sented in National Gallery of Canada, 
Ottawa, Art Gallery of Toronto, Hart House 
Collection, Toronto, Hon. Vincent Massey 
Collection, London. Mural Decorations: 
North American Life Building, Toronto; 
Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto; Canada 
Building; Exposition Internationale, Paris 

George Douglas Pepper, O.S. A.— 
Attended the Ontario College of Art. Studied 
in London, Paris, Italy. Publicity Artist, 
Forest Service of Canada, Department of 
Interior, for three years; taught privately in 
Ottawa, two years. Shared with F. H. Varley, 
the Willingdon Prize in Painting, 1928. 
Represented in the National Gallery of 
Canada, The Art Gallery of Toronto, the 
Massey collection, the Hart House collec- 
tion, Toronto, and the National Gallery of 
South Africa. 

Eric Aldwinckle — Commercial Artist and 
Designer. Member of Canadian Society of 
Graphic Art; exhibited in Royal Canadian 
Academy, Ontario Society of Artists, and 
Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour. 

Cameron Paulin, B.F.A., Alfred Univer- 
sity, Alfred, New York — Graduate of New 
York State College of Ceramics. Exhibited 
at New York World's Fair. 

*»[ 25 ]«€• 

Terms of Admission 


1. Students are admitted on an implicit 
understanding that they will be of good 
behaviour, will work as directed, be regular 
and punctual in attendance, observe all regu- 
lations posted or announced, and present 
themselves for examinations relating to 
their courses. 

2. The Principal may suspend any student 
whose conduct or influence appears to be 
injurious to the discipline and interests of 
the College. 

3. In the case of absence, from sickness or 
other cause, beyond three days, a com- 
munication must be sent to the Registrar. 

4. The student who has the highest per- 
centage of attendance in the classes of the 
division for which scholarships are offered, 
will have preference when two or more are 
equal in examinations. 

5. Students are not allowed in the College 
at other than working hours without permis- 
sion from the Principal. 

6. Only students of the College may enter 
class rooms during working hours, and, only 
during recess may students visit class rooms 
other than those where they are working. 

7. No student may alter the prescribed 
course nor attend classes of other years 
without sanction of the Principal. 

8. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the 
College during class hours but is allowed at 
certain times and places in accordance with 
the posted regulations, subject to change or 
cancellation at any time. 

9. Facilities are accorded the student for 
reasonable amusement and recreation. For 
this purpose, committees of the Students' 
Club are given authority to act under the 
general direction of the Principal. 

10. Students desiring to bring guests to the 
dining room or for any other purpose must 
obtain permission from the Principal. 

11. No work will be exhibited at the monthly 
or annual exhibition which has not been 
done by a student of the College during 
the year. 

12. The Principal and staff reserve the right 
to retain permanently for the College, prize 
drawings and other works suitable for 
record, example or exhibition. 

13- Fees are payable in advance when the 
student registers and are not returnable, but 
adjustments may be made under certain 
conditions at the discretion of the Principal. 

14. Fees paid by students whose further 
attendance is prohibited for violation of 
regulations are forfeited, and scholarships 
may be cancelled without notice, for non- 
attendance or misconduct. 

15. Students must attain a 75% attendance 
record and fulfil all financial obligations be- 
fore trying final examinations. 

16. Former students or persons not registered 
in the College must not make use of the 
College premises without permission of 
the Principal. 

17. Day students may attend Evening Classes 
only by permission of the Principal. 

18. Students injuring the property of the 
College will be held responsible. 

19. The Council cannot be held responsible 
for the custody of the private property of 
students, nor can any claim be entertained in 
respect of any article left in the College. 

20. Day Classes terminate at 4.30 p.m. and 
Evening Classes at 9-30 p.m. Students must 
leave the College by 5.45 p.m. and 9-45 p.m. 

NOTE— The student's signature on the 
application card is accepted as a promise to 
obey the above rules and such others as are 
from time to time posted in the College. All 
rules apply alike to day and evening students. 



Registrar: W. M. MOUN FIELD 

The College year is in two terms and all fees 
are payable strictly in advance. (Evening 
Classes one term.) 

Students are expected to give careful con- 
sideration to their decisions on entering the 
College, as fees once paid are not returnable. 


(Including Fees for Students' Club Membership) 
For all classes and general privileges for one 

year $100.00 

For all classes and general privileges for one 

term $50.00 

For 6 half days per week, one term . . . $30.00 

For 3 evenings or less per week, per year . $ 10.00 

Each additional evening, per year $2.50 

Evening students pay the full (ees in 
advance, according to the time of enrolment. 
Optional membership for Evening students 
in the Students' Club per year $1.00 

No student is admitted to classes until 
registration is completed by the payment of 
fees, except by special permission of the 

Supplies used during the course may be 
purchased as required at the College store; 
these are sold at cost and during the year 
would amount to about thirty-five dollars. 

First Year students also pay in advance a 
fee for modelling supplies used during the 

Lockers. Lockers for supplies may be 
secured by students on payment of 50 cents 
per year rental. Lockers will be shared by 
two students. The key must be left at the 
office at the end of the session; 25 cents will 
then be returned. The College is not 
responsible for property in these lockers and 
all lockers must be cleared within one week 
after the closing date. 

CALENDAR FOR YEAR 1941 - 1942 

First Term Begins September 29, 1941 

Closes January 24, 1942 

Second Term Begins January 26, 1942 

Closes May 21, 1942 


Begins September 29, 1941 
Closes May 8, 1942 


Thanksgiving — From Friday before Thanksgiving until the following Tuesday. 

Christmas — December 23, 1941, until January 5, 1942. 

Easter Vacation — From Thursday before Good Friday until the following Tuesday. 


Awards and Scholarships 



Governor-General's Medal for General Proficiency Constance Grady 

Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for Proficiency in Painting Kenneth Hook 

Canadian Art Laboratory Special Prize Priscilla Hutchings 

Art Metropole Special Prize Marguerite Drummond 


Commercial Art 
Priscilla Hutchings. Life Drawing, Illustration. Barbara Lepingwell, Museum 

Water Colour. Museum MARGUERITE Drummond, Life Drawing. Illus- 

Dorothy Baldock. Life Drawing. Illustration. tration, Water Colour. Museum 

Museum Margaret Paull. Museum 

Drawing and Painting 
Kenneth Hook, Illustration. Portrait. Composition Elizabeth Piddington, Costume 

Interior Decoration 
Constance O'Grady, Design. Museum, * Elizabeth Carefoot, Museum 

Interior Decoration Frances Tresidder. Design, Museum. 

SYLVIA Wedd. Interior Decoration. Museum Interior Decoration 

Eleanor Henderson, Museum 

Robert Norgate, Modelling 


Commercial Art 

Stanley Wing, Phyllis Mounsey, Elizabeth Farr, Yudel Kayler 

Drawing and Painting 
Pauline Tildesley, Theresa Gray, Molly Greene, Joan Reynolds 

Interior Decoration 
Pamela Pearse, Shirley Dunkelman, Mildred Pettipiere, Elizabeth Arnold 

-»»[ 28 }&<r 


Mrs. R. S. McLaughlin Scholarship (One Year) .George Fanais 

Mr. R. Y. Eaton Scholarship (One Term) Jean Townsend 

Mrs. D. A. Dunlap Scholarship (One Term) Marjory Muir 

E. Morris Fund Scholarship (One Term) Nora Townsend 

The O'Keefe Scholarship (One Term) Betty Jean Drummond 



Jean Townsend, Life Drawing, Museum, lllus- Nora Townsend, Life Drawing, Water Colour, 

tration, Water Colour, Costume Museum 

Betty Jean Drummond, Life Drawing, lllus- George Dunning, Water Colour. 

tration, Museum Commercial Art 

Drawing and Painting 
George Fanais, Lift Drawing, Anatomy, Mural Decoration Nancy Joy, Modelling, Anatomy 

Interior Decoration 

Marjory Muir. Interior Decoration, Design, Museum 

Mary Macpherson, Modelling 


Commercial Art 

Hope Gaskell 

Drawing and Painting 
George De Long. Barbara Orr, Betsy Adamson, Peter Egnatoff 

Helen Hopkins. Herschel Caston, Evelyn Hand. Patrick Mollov 
Catharine Baker, Beryl Rush 


Mr. R. S. McLaughlin Scholarship (One Year) Gordon Collim 

Mr. H. M. Gully Scholarship (One Term) William Herbert 

Mrs. John M. Lyle Scholarship (One Term) Sidney Jones 

Mr. Gerald Larkin Scholarship (One Term) Mary Steel 


Commercial Art 

Gordon Collins, Life Drawing, Costume, Com- Catherine McEwen, History of Art. Museum 

menial Design, Lettering. Water Colour, Composition, Margaret Forster, Commercial Design. History 

Museum f Art 

William Herbert, Life Drawing, Still Life, Letter- Gordon Smith, Museum 

ing, Illustration, Costume, History of Art, Museum Lou , s CoRTE Hntmy f Art 

Sidney Jones, Still Life, Costume, Commercial De- Audrey Brown, Illustration, Museum, Anatomy, 

sign, Lettering, History of Art, Composition Water Colour 

Mary Steel, Costume, Commercial Design, Still Gerta Madeleine Samuel, Lettering. Commercial 

Life, History of Art, Museum, Water Colour Design, History of Art 

Nancy Burden, Life Drawing, Costume, Anatomy, Almira Beatty, Museum, Anatomy 

Water Colour MARGARET KLERSY, Museum 

Jean Pooler. Costume, Museum, Life Drawing ELIZABETH GrDBB, History of Art 

Drawing and Painting 
Edith Ilsley, Life Drawing. Museum, Still Life, » Ernest P. Rolph. Museum 

History of Art j UNE Duchemin, History of Art. Museum 

Harry Koren, Composition 

Interior Decoration 

ELIZABETH MacDermott, Interior Decoration. HELEN GlLLELAND. Interior Decoration. 

Architectural Drawing, Museum Architectural Drawing, /Museum 

Patricia Mutrie, Inter/or Decoration, Architectural Drawing, Museum 


Commercial Art 

Merle Smith, James Remington, Eleanor Tarbolton. 

John Sweet, Malvern Dollack 

Drawing and Painting 
Patrick Mackie, Patrick Haldorsen 

June Eraser. Beatrice Webster, Elaine O'Gorman 

-»»[ 30]^- 


Mr. R. Y. Eaton Scholarship (One Term) Haraldr Palsson 

Mrs. John M. Lylf. Scholarship (One Term ) Patience Harris 

Mr. J. F. M. Stewart Scholarship (One Term) Hugh Swartz 

Mrs. D. A. Dunlap Scholarship (One Term) Dorothy Webster 

The OKefff Scholarship (One Term) Miriam Graham 

Patience Harris. Drawing, Composition, Water Gina Main, Drawing, Composition, Costume, 

Colour. Costume. Lettering. Shades and Shadows, Museum 

Modelling, Pottery. Museum Jv.AN McDonald, Drawing, Costume. Shades and 

Haraldr Palsson, Drawing. Composition, Costume, Shadows, Museum 

Lettering, Design. Shades and Shadows. Modelling, David Payne, Shades and Shadows. Modelling, 

Hugh Swartz, Drawing, Composition. Lettering, 
Shades and Shadows. Pottery, Museum 

Pottery, Museum Museum 

Donald Fraser, Water Colour, Museum, Costume 

Lorraine Bruce-Robertson, Pottery, Shades and 

Shado u 'J 

Dorothy Webster, Drawing. Lettering. Shades June Hunt, Costumt 

a nd Shado us. M odelling . Pottery. M it sen m ^ o r> ^ 

Constance Baden- Powell, Costume 

Miriam Graham, Drawing. Composition. Costume. Bernard Polly, Costume, Museum. Shades and 

Lettering. Museum. Shades and Shadows Shadow\ 

Alfred COLTON, Drawing, Lettering, Shades and Margann Stowe, Lettering, Shades and Shadou 
Shadows, Museum, Modelling John Karlichuk. Museum 


Barbara Cook, John Fletcher, Frances Kirkup, June Hanright 



Ontario College of Art Scholarship (One Term) Margaret Taylor 

Ontario College of Art Scholarship (One Term) Philip Weissc 


Margaret Taylor, Philip Weisse, Helen Culham. 
Mabel Skeats, Donald McLean 



Patsy Richards, Robert Choma, Charles Zusi, Joan Sherlock-Hubbard, Joseph Shatkowsky 

Sidney Lf.vine. Jacqueline Donald, John Humphrey, Eugene Lilitzak, Bert Simmons. Leslie Toth 



George Fanais Dorothy Baldock 

Priscilla Hutchings Herschel Caston 

Marguerite Drummond Nora Townsend 

Jean Townsend Barbara Lepingwi i i 

Betty Jean Drummond Nancy Joy 

George De Long Mira Webb 

->»r 31 !«<■ 


Applications of new students must be accompanied by a Registration Fee of 
10 per cent, of the term fees. This amount will be applied on the tuitional fees; 
the remaining portion to be paid when reporting for classes. 

The Registration Fee will be returned if the application is not accepted. All 
students making application for admission to divisions of Second or other years 
must give satisfactory evidence of previous art training. 



SESSION 19. . • . and 19- • . • 

This application is accepted conditionally on the rules and regulations of the College being 

strictly observed by the student. 

Name in full Age if under 21 

City Address Telephone No 

Home Address Country born in 

Previous Art Training 

Name of Parent 

Occupation of Parent 

10% of Registration Fee enclosed herewith $ 

-^r 32 1««-